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When Big and Small Collide - A Beginning

Before you ever put pen to paper, you need to think how you can productively add to a conversation. I do not think the verticals I work in make for inspirational prose. I am not a spy. I mean, I know spies, but I am not one. My wife is bored with my daily commentary on the venture world or corporate America. Lucky for you, you have the option to unsubscribe. Her, not so much.

I exist in two worlds. Big company corporate America and early stage venture investing. I realize the stability and reoccurring revenue that the former offers. I also get a glimpse daily at its dark underbelly, bureaucracy so thick it makes Nutella seem light and airy. When you have processes that govern how you make processes, that might be too much. I experience the fast paced and highly rewarding world of early stage investing. On the flip side, I have also seen what happens when companies run out of cash and the founder does not have money for a train ride home. Not so fun true story, that same founder lost control of his company in a coup three days later.

What do you get, however, when these two galaxies so different in attitude and pace collide? Me, and this blog.

So, strap in. I hope this blog at least entertains you for a few minutes a week. Some will agree with my thoughts. Others will ask how can people cannot see the obvious. My goal is show you what it is like to co-exist in these two worlds and how one can inform the other. If anything, a great start up has attributes like a big company and vice versa. It is when big or small loses its soul along the way does the worse of both take over. Most the time this happens when the true vision of what the company wants to do is usurped for personal gain.

I am excited to share my unique perspective with you. May my words inspire just one dramatic change for the better each week, in whichever galaxy you exist.

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May 17, 2019 better be entertaining because I already have enough shit to read. :-)


May 17, 2019

Looking forward to your thoughts in a world where matter and anti-matter coexist!


May 16, 2019

Vinny stole my punchline. I am in for the weekly galactic inspirations!


May 16, 2019

Cool! Congrats MTT. I look forward to reading your ramblings. I liked your Nutella/ bureaucracy analogy!

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